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The Reason Soda Diet Is No Healthier Than Ordinary Soda

Do you like to drink soda but don't want to experience weight gain? Maybe as a solution you've switched to diet soda. But is diet soda really healthier? Diet soda is often considered healthier than regular soft drinks, because it has less sugar or calories. Initially this product was introduced in the 1950s for people with diabetes, but later it was marketed more broadly to those who wanted to reduce sugar consumption in soda. Content of Soda Diet Although it is called diet soda, it does not mean that all diet soda is truly sweetener free. Although it does not use real sugar, this drink still uses artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, saccharin, cyclamate, or sucralose. Generally, diet soda consists of a mixture of the following ingredients: Carbonated water, carbon dioxide dissolved in pressurized water. Artificial sweeteners are 200-13,000 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. Certain acids, such as citric acid, malic acid and phosphate to add to the bitter taste.
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So Hormonal Headaches Do Not Interfere With Your Activities

Frequent headaches before or during menstruation? It could be that you experience hormonal headaches. This condition can actually be controlled and anticipated you know. Let's find out more! Hormonal headaches in women occur due to changes in estrogen levels at a certain time. Estrogen controls chemicals in the brain that affect pain. This is the reason why fluctuations in estrogen levels can trigger headaches. These hormonal headaches are often accompanied by other symptoms, such as: Pimples appear Fatigue Loss of appetite Joint pain Constipation Rarely urinating In addition, it can also be accompanied by the desire to eat certain foods, such as chocolate or savory snacks. Conditions That Cause Hormonal Headaches There are certain conditions that cause women to experience hormonal headaches more easily. The following are some examples of conditions that can cause hormonal headaches: 1. Decreased estrogen levels during menstruation By the time of menstruation, estro

6 Steps To Prepare For Breastfeeding Since Pregnancy

In addition to childbirth, the breastfeeding process also needs to be prepared since early pregnancy. This is intended so that the breastfeeding process can later run smoothly. So, how to prepare for breastfeeding while pregnant? During pregnancy, the body actually has naturally made preparations for the breastfeeding process. It is characterized by increased blood flow to the breast along with the development of the milk ducts. Then, the nipples feel more sensitive when touched, the size of the breasts become larger, the areola appear darker, and the shape of the nipple changes. Preparation Steps for Breastfeeding Although natural, but the process of breastfeeding is sometimes not easy for some mothers. Here are some preparatory steps that can help expedite the process of breastfeeding since pregnancy: Increase lactation information Pregnant women who are preparing to breastfeed can get information from various parties such as other breastfeeding mothers, books and the int